Parent’s Guidelines to Google Classrooms

Stay Connected

With school closures, teaching at Tangaroa College are continuing to keep their lessons going remotely.

Concerns over the transmission of COVID-19 are closing schools across the globe, and millions of students are unable to physically attend school.  In our hub of Otara, we are encouraging our parents to support their child’s learning online and to continue their schooling remotely from home.

All students are connected through a learning platform known as ‘google classroom’.  If you would to like to access  ‘how’ you can stay connected, please click here: 2020 Parents’ Guide to Google Classroom pdf

Thank you

Marc Clarke: ICT Manager/HOL Business Studies/Accounting

Students Working From Home

Dear Parents and families,

This has been a challenging time for many and our hearts and prayers go out to those families in our community that are struggling the most.

It is important we stay safe, ensure we stay home and keep our bubbles safe.

As many families know, over the past 5 days, schools across New Zealand have been teaching on-line. As we come to grips with what this looks like for our school and community, it has been evident that many of our students who do have devices and access to the internet are not accessing their time tabled classes and lessons. It is important that they stay connected so when school resumes they are not behind- more so important for our senior students being assessed for NCEA.

Please ensure your students are connecting with their teachers. Bell times are below. If anything they should be working to these times.

School Bell Times




Period 1


Period 1


Period 2


Period 2










Period 3


Period 3


Period 4


Period 4






Period 5


Period 5





Access to devices and the internet at home

The school is working on contacting parents and families who do not have devices and or access to the internet – the Ministry of Education are working with schools so please be patient with us on this. We have collated and collected information to date – please send the following information to a.s.a.p
  • your child’s full name,
  • tutor class,
  • Does your child has a device e.g chromebook, laptop?
  • Is there internet at home?
It is important your children connect to their subject teachers during this time for their learning to continue.
Be safe and take care.
Davida Suasua

A message from the Ministry for Pacific Peoples

Pacific clinicians will be sharing the Government’s key messages with the Pacific communities, in nine Pacific languages – Samoan, Tongan, Cook Islands Maori, Fijian, Niuean, Tokelau, Tuvalu, Kiribati and Rotuman.
A one-hour special will be aired on Tagata Pasifika’s segment on Saturday at 9am; and on Sunday at 7.35am, Tagata Pasifika will share messages from our community leaders.

We hope to inform as many people in the community as possible, so we are asking you to reach out to all your family members, community groups, friends and group chats to ensure our Pacific community groups are watching the programming on all three days.

It is important our Pacific communities are updated with COVID-19, especially our elders in the community who are not on social media and we are proud to be able to present this information in nine of our Pacific languages.
Spread the word – virtually – and let’s Unite Against Covid-19 together.

Fa’afetai tele lava,

Laulu Mac Leauanae
Chief Executive, Ministry for Pacific Peoples

Key Online Learning Information

Dear Parents

We will endeavour to  communicate with you on key online learning information.

Before we get into those details please first note an important point of difference for Tangaroa College term time dates.

Term 1
Although the Ministry of Education announced on Monday that the school holidays have been brought forward we have successfully negotiated an exemption.

  • For reasons outlined below, Tangaroa College will continue our online learning programme until Thursday 9th April
  • Tangaroa College holidays will begin Good Friday 10th April  until Wednesday 22 April, returning for Term 2 online learning on Thursday 23 April.


  • Ready – Our teachers are well prepared to deliver online learning
  • Momentum – It is crucial for our students to have continuity of learning, keeping up the momentum developed by our teaching staff. Momentum helps with student motivation – a critical factor for all teenagers.
  • Test and improve – Whilst there will of course be areas to improve, this will also  allow us time to rigorously test our platforms and then make improvements in time for Term 2 if we are unable to return to school.
  • Community Support – We have consulted with some of the Principals and parents of our main feeder schools who are all in support.
  • Best Practice – Our stance is in line with some other Auckland secondary schools who have similar philosophies.

Thank you to our diligent teachers who have worked tirelessly on bringing this programme to fruition. I would especially like to thank Mr Wright and Mr Clark, through their extensive work we have been able to ensure our on-line learning was ready but also ensuring those students who did not have a device at home were loaned one. 

We have been working hard to provide your children with as much structure and support as we possibly can through these weeks ahead. At a time of much uncertainty and stress, be comforted in knowing that together, we will continue to provide the education and guidance deserved, to our children.


Be safe everyone. 

Please if you have any questions email



Distance Learning – advice for our whanau

Google classroom for Parents 2020

In order to meet the learning needs of students and families due to Covid 19.  Our school Tangaroa College is still offering access to all our students through  ‘distance learning online’.

The school is  supporting students learning by using google classroom as a digital platform to prepare learning activities that can be provided online, digitally or in hard copy form, or in a combination of these methods.

Here are some ways for whanau to support your child’s learning:
    • establishing routines and expectations
    • checking their student activities on google classroom
    • defining a space for your child to work in
    • monitoring communications from teachers
    • beginning and ending each day with a check-in
    • taking an active role in helping your children process their learning
    • encouraging physical activity and/or exercise
    • checking in with your child regularly to help them manage stress
    • monitoring how much time your child is spending online
    • set rules around their social media interactions.
  • If you require any technical support please email:

‘Noho ora mai ‘


(COLA) Career On Line Activities & Career Support

Kia Ora Koutou Katoa
At this time of uncertainty around attending school, we at the Tangaroa College Careers Centre have been encouraging you to take responsibility for your own learning and now more than ever you will need to be able to manage your own learning to the best of your ability, whether that be at school or at home.
We have put together a list of activities that may help to direct you to your future career path and or provide important information to you.
We are calling this C O L A aka Career OLine Activities.
PLEASE take some time to read through this information and have a go at the activities. Try and work through the STEPS (this does not need to happen in one day but can be spaced out e.g. every Monday, Wednesday & Fridays at 11:05am – 11:50am is Wa Akoranga, which you could make as “Careers Time”).
I will be available through email or text if you require any support.
Nga Mihi

Bryan “MARSHY “Marsh

021 034 5233

Chromebooks are still for sale.

In the coming weeks, teachers at Tangaroa College will offer lessons using the internet. This requires the students to be able to use a laptop, computer or Chromebook at home. We know that some families will not have one.
We want you to know that  shops are still able to sell Chromebooks and other electronics up until the end of Wednesday 25 March.
PBTech is selling Chromebooks at $299 each, and you might get a discount if you say you are from Tangaroa College. Their address is 587 Great South Road, Manukau.

Together we can slow the spread


Please refer to the official government website for updates and steps to keeping safe against the virus –

Ministry Of Social Development

Ministry Of Social Development have closed their service centres to keep people safe and stop the spread of COVID-19. If you need to contact them urgently please do so via the MyMSD app or call 0800 559 009.


A breakdown is available from their website of what support is available throughout this time.


Be safe all

Limited Number Of Chromebooks Available For Our Students To Borrow

Dear Parents & Caregivers,

Our school has available a limited number of Chromebooks for our students to borrow.  These are available to Year 11-13 (NCEA) students who have Wifi at home.  This will be on a “first come, first served” basis with one device per family.

These will be issued from the main reception between 9-10 am and also from 11-12 pm on Tuesday 24th March.

If you are unable to collect and reside outside the Otara area, we can arrange for someone to deliver the device, please contact the school if a device is required.


Davida Suasua