Long Service Announcement – Peni Longolongofolau


Peni is not only the groundsman with the smallest stature and the longest surname but he is best known as a man of few words but the actions of a thousand. Today we thank and celebrate Peni for his 20+ years’ service to Tangaroa College.


Term 2 School Holiday Workshops


The school has organized some extra academic support throughout the school holidays for our senior classes. Please refer to the website for a copy of the schedule or flick an email through to office@tangaroa.school.nz.

Teachers Only Day – Monday 20 July


Please make a note in your diaries that we have a Teachers Only Day on Monday 20 July which means Term 3 will commence on Tuesday 21 July. Have safe and enjoyable break.

Message From Our Board Of Trustees

Dear Parents / Families and Community

Kia ora kau tau katoa and warm Pacific Greetings,

On behalf of the Board of Trustees, I would like to thank you all for your patience, support and assistance during the Covid-19 Pandemic which has shaken the World. Our Government ensured we had the correct policies and procedures in place to protect our school, our children and our community.

We would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge our Principal, Davida Suasua, her Leadership Team and her staff for their quick response in handling the Lockdown Process and their assistance in supporting students with their online learning.

It was a stressful and fearful time for all and was made easier by the professionalism and compassion exhibited by Davida and her team.


Karl Tusini-Rex
Deputy Chairperson
Tangaroa College Board Of Trustees

From our Principal, Davida Suasua

Kia Orana koutou Tangaroa College families,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank our parents and families once again, for supporting us through the last 22 weeks of school. The interruption of Covid-19 saw the education system being disrupted and turned up-side down. We as a school, navigated our way through the disruption, to make sure our students’ well-being and learning were always a school wide focus, we had to make necessary changes. The changes included:

  • Later start of 9am
  • Earlier finish of 2.20pm
  • Subject tutorials from 2.30pm to 4.00pm
  • Some course adjustments with a heavy focus on academic mentoring for students.
  • Monitoring and managing entry into the school grounds
  • Introduction of new initiatives that support students learning in the workplace
  • An integrated Junior Curriculum focus on Covid-19
  • We start the day with Wa Akoranga (formerly called Tutor) at 9.00am. A time for students to settle into the day.

We will continue with these new changes with a few minor adjustments to the end of day, including extending the length of periods 1 to 3. We will continue to start at 9.00am but finish at 2.30pm and continue with subject tutorials from 2.35pm to 4.00pm.

The student voice we received regarding the changes has been positive and students have adjusted extremely well, focused, and settled in their learning.

Once again thank you for your support and we look forward to Term 3.


Davida Suasua

Holiday Tutorials

Kia ora koutou

Greetings Parents / Caregivers.

Re: Term Two School Holiday Workshops / Tutorials

I would like to take this opportunity to thank those parents and whanau who have supported our students and their learning during this unprecedented time in our Nation’s history.

With the recent disruption in learning due to Covid-19, some subjects and department personnel are sacrificing their own time to facilitate school holiday tutorials as well as “off site learning opportunities” (schedules attached).

This extra academic support is a fantastic opportunity for students to catch up on class work, complete assessments and revise for upcoming practice exams, which will be in week three term three.

Teachers will be keeping a record of attendance and Head of Learning email addresses along with teacher extension numbers are listed on both schedules.  If you have any queries, please contact your child’s subject Teacher, Head of Learning or the School Office.

We wish you a safe Term Two holiday break and are looking forward to term four which begins on Tuesday the 21st of July.

Nga mihi,


Bessie Tuialii


Term 2 Holiday workshops_ tutorials (3) (1)

Community Notice

Haumia Early Childhood Centre

  • Up to 20 hours FREE each week for tamariki aged 3-5 years
  • Kai provided
  • Spaces available now. Call or visit us today!

11 Haumia Way, Otara  (Opposite Tangaroa College)

Phone: 09-265 1966     Email: haumiacenter@xtra.co.nz

E faasilasila atu o loó maua avanoa e aooga fua ai tamaiti mai le 3-5 tausaga 20 itula I  le vaiaso.

O loó tele avanoa I le tainu nei afio mai ma fesootai mai

E saunia e le agoga meaai

11 Haumia Way, Otara (Opposite Tangaroa College)

Phone: 09-265 1966     Email: haumiacenter@xtra.co.nz


Centre Manager:         Masele Fuimoano

Nita Cumming




Tangaroa College & Covid-19 Level 1

Welcome to Covid-19 Level One where we can all return to normal, this includes all children who are well returning to school. If your child is unwell – please keep them at home and inform the school. Absences over three days need a Medical Certificate.

We will however, still be locking the gates at 9.00am and students need to be at school by then, late comers will not be admitted and will be marked as absent. We will continue to finish school at 2.20pm until the end of the term.

Please make an appointment with the appropriate Dean if you wish to discuss this further.

Year Nine – Ms Bessie Tuialii / Mr Rob Downie
Year Ten – Mr Joseph Tua / Ms Nadeen Papalii
Year Eleven – Mr Martin Wright / Mr Chris Ashforth
Year Twelve – Mr Grant Langdon / Mrs Sarah Davies
Year Thirteen – Ms Christine Pili / Ms Marieke Brinkman