About Us

We take pride in our achievements

Whether by small steps or giant leaps, our students are encouraged to take pride in their achievements. By recognising and celebrating each success, students build self-esteem and gain the confidence to strive for bigger and better goals.

For our students, success may take many forms…

Learning for your future

Academic study and practical work skills prepare students to take the next steps beyond school into further education and employment.

The arts

It is exciting to develop and enhance the natural talent that so many of our students have for creative expression.


Through participation in the many sports offered, students develop team spirit, discipline and pride

Cultural identity and values

All cultures and languages are embraced. We offer opportunities to students to experience and grow their languages and cultural understandings.

At Tangaroa College we are committed to nurture in each student…
a belief in self,
a commitment to achieve
and the spirit of aroha

Our values:

• Acknowledgement of Maori as Tangata Whenua of Aotearoa
• Positive affirmation of cultures in the school
• Focus on the needs of students
• Expectations of high standards of teaching
• Non violence
• Innovation in curriculum programming and delivery
• Reflect community values and aspirations