The Entrance Gate Process for Tangaroa College

The Entrance Gate Process for Tangaroa College

Malo e lelei

I want to let you know from Monday 11th September, the entrance gate for students and visitors will be closed from 8.55am to 3pm during school hours.

The reason for this approach is to encourage students to be here on time and to increase student attendance for all classes during the school day.

Unfortunately, there has been an increase in some students arriving after 8.55am and leaving without permission during the school day.

We need your support to make sure your child arrives on time and remains onsite during the school day. This will allow teachers to give your child the attention they need to support their success.

I recognise there will be genuine reasons why your child is late for school, or they need to leave during the school day. All we require is this to be communicated to the college.

See below the new gate process for your understanding.

Gate 3 entrance for students and visitors

  • The gate at entrance 3 will be open from 7am to 8.55am and from 3pm to 5pm.
  • Gate 3 will be closed from 8.55am to 3pm.
  • If the gate is closed.
  • Students/ whanau/visitors use the intercom to contact the college office.
  • Students/whanau/visitors who are permitted in will proceed to the college office to sign in or report their child’s reason for being late.
  • If a student needs to leave during this time, whanau need to contact the school by phone/email or come into the office. The student will receive a sign out note from the office once approved.


  • From 8.55am to 9.15am, Monday to Friday, college staff will supervise Gate 3.
  • For students who arrive within this timeframe they will need to provide a reason for their lateness to the staff member supervising.
  • The information they supply about being late will be recorded and retained in the office. During the day the office will contact whanau with a call, text or email indicating the reason for your child’s late start. We will not contact you if a signed note is provided or an explanation is given to the college staff supervising at the gate.


  • If your child arrives late three times within a term, they will be referred to the Dean to follow up.

Please inform the college in advance by phone, written note, or email if you know your child will be late.

College phone: 09 2745764

College email: