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Welcome to Tangaroa College

About Tangaroa College

At Tangaroa College we are committed to nurture in each student:
a belief in self, a commitment to achieve, and the spirit of aroha.

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Everything you need to know about joining the College

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As a school we are committed to raising student achievement.  In doing this we seek to build the strengths that the students bring with them…

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Careers Centre

Our goal is to equip students with career management competencies which are required in a modern and fast changing work and study environment.

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Tangaroa College offers many opportunities for students to explore, challenge, affirm and celebrate artistic expressions of self community and culture.

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Tangaroa College invites former staff and students to register to the Tangaroa College Alumni Association.

A community to share and celebrate stories of the many who donned the Tangaroa.

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Welcome to Tangaroa College

At Tangaroa College we are committed to nurture in each student a belief in self, a commitment to achieve, and the spirit of aroha.

Whether by small steps or giant leaps, our students are encouraged to take pride in their achievements. By recognising and celebrating each success, students build self-esteem and gain the confidence to strive for bigger and better goals.

Term Dates

2018 Provisional Term Dates:
Term 1: 31st January – 13th April
Term 2: 30th April – 6th July
Term 3: 23rd July – 28th September
Term 4: 15th October – 18th December

News & Notices

Tangaroa College at the ASB Polyfest

ASB Polyfest 2018 The annual ASB Polyfest takes place from the 14th to 17th March at the Manukau Sports Bowl (Velodrome). This year we have entered four groups, their performance dates and times are as follows:   Samoan                Friday the 16th March                     at            11.30 a.m. Niuean                 Friday the 16th March                     at            2.30 p.m. Tongan                 Friday […]

Thyrel & Trevon Kasimausi

Good luck to Thyrel & Trevon Kasimausi representing the Cook Islands Mix Tag Team in the 3 day Junior Oceania Cup Tournament this weekend.

Our Vision

At Tangaroa College we excel in education through: innovative learning, a tradition of caring, and partnerships

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Academic Information

Tangaroa College offers students a varied curriulum in the following learning areas: Arts, Commerce, Information Technology, Langauges, Technology, Social Sciences, Mathematics, Physical Education and Health, English, Sport and Recreation, and Career Skills.

The curriculum provides life and career skills preparation for all students covering – academic courses, work skills programmes, sport and physical activity, and cultural and social learning.

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The National Certificate of Educational Achievement (NCEA) is the official secondary school qualification in New Zealand.

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In Year 9 students learn from a compulsory core curriculum. From Year 10 onwards they can select a certain number of optional subjects in addition to core subjects up to Year 13 where the student is free to choose all their subjects.

Optional courses allow students to follow their individual interests and strengths, and tailor their learning towards their future career paths of choice.

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