Strategic Plan

Read the full Tangaroa College Strategic Plan 2012-2017 HERE

Excerpt: The Tangaroa College philosophy

At Tangaroa College we teach the ‘whole student’. Our focus on well-rounded education includes:

  • enabling students to identify with and understand their own culture. Our staff mix enables students to relate to staff members from their own cultures
  • caring about students’ wellbeing. Happy and healthy students are able to learn better and we work hard to build the physical, mental / emotional, spiritual, and psychosocial wellbeing of our students
  • serving the community. The community expects students to succeed, the school and community work in partnership to enable each student to attain their potential
  • utilising the principles of restorative practices to assist students who err to face the consequences of their actions and learn how to act appropriately and responsibly toward others and the school facilities
  • zero tolerance to: violence, anti-social and illegal behaviours
  • a cohesive team of teachers and support staff, committed to developing innovative teaching methods to enable our students to enjoy success, learn positive life-skills and explore career pathways
  • students developing a sense of belonging through participation in academic, social, sporting and cultural activities and by developing healthy and effective relationships with staff (including significant adult/tutor teacher).