Strategic Plan

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Excerpt: Guiding Principles


1. We will nurture learners committed to personal excellence in all endeavours

  • Students will always be encouraged to take responsibility for their own learning.
  • Students will be encouraged to aim for their very best performance in whatever they undertake whether it is in academic, cultural or sporting endeavours.
  • All staff will work collaboratively to develop independent learners who enjoy their learning.
  • Success in all endeavours will be acknowledged and rewarded.
  • The college will foster the personal qualities which prepare students to make a positive contribution to our society.


2. We will promote respect

  • The college will be a supportive, positive and caring place for students, teachers, support staff and parents.
  • Students and staff will value an environment free from harassment of any kind.
  • The physical environment will be safe and pleasant.
  • Students will enjoy their learning in all its forms.
  • All students will have equitable access to learning opportunities and support.

3. We will actively encourage innovative, reflective and adventurous educational and school practice

  • Change based on solid research and data gathering will be encouraged and embraced; if there is a better way we will find it.
  • Self-review will underpin all activities and initiatives.
  • Thoughtful risk taking will be encouraged as people strive for personal excellence.
  • The professional learning and development of all staff will be a major priority.


4. We will develop and maintain positive and effective relationships with all those involved with the education of our students

  • Parents will be made aware of the progress and achievement of their children regularly and accurately so that appropriate action can be taken.
  • The college will incorporate the Treaty of Waitangi and its principles into all aspects of the college.
  • Teachers are our main learning resource and will be consulted and involved in all significant educational change.
  • The local community including business, sporting, cultural and other organisations will be included in the development of our policies and priorities.
  • Links with contributing schools will be valued and enhanced.
  • The college will take a leadership role in educational matters as they relate to our community.
  • The college will foster sustainability across the school.


5. We will foster an appreciation of diversity in our school’s national and global community

  • Students will celebrate and enjoy all forms of diversity in our college, nationally, and internationally. This includes cultural, gender, intellectual and physical difference.
  • Staff will promote attitudes based around understanding, tolerance and knowledge of differences between people in the curriculum and the wider school environment.