Principal Davida Suasua leaves Tangaroa College

Dear Tangaroa College Community,
On behalf of the Tangaroa College Board of Trustees, I sadly and respectfully announce the departure of our Tumuaki, our Principal Davida Suasua. Davida is taking up the position of Principal at Rosehill College in Papakura. She officially leaves Tangaroa College this Friday the 8th of July. Miss Christine Pili has been appointed Acting Principal until the new Principal is appointed.
Davida’s inspirational leadership has shaped each student’s education at Tangaroa College. Her guidance has created an environment in which students and teachers have been able to grow, especially navigating through the pandemic.
When Davida arrived at Tangaroa College over 28 years ago, she brought with her a world class attitude and a professional elegance of love for education and the strive for student excellence. During her time at Tangaroa she excelled her leadership career which saw her become a physical education teacher, to a senior leadership position, to appointment of Principal in 2017.
Davida’s innovative ideas about creating stress-free learning environments were well-received and quickly implemented. The result has been a consistent improvement in student achievement with the help of her team and the amazing number of teachers implementing and delivering the educational learning.
Davida has been able to shape the physical appearance of Tangaroa College, with the changes to the school and front entrance of Tangaroa becoming a welcoming site for visitors, community, and ex-students of the school. She was present at sporting events, wearing Tangaroa College proudly and cheering on the teams. She was an important member of the board and contributed to the meetings.
Thank you, Davida Suasua, for your compassionate, hands-on leadership. We wish you the best as you venture on to a new space in your career journey. You will stay in our hearts as we continue to honour your leadership.
Karl Tusini-Rex
Tangaroa College
Board of Trustees
Presiding Member