Distance Learning – advice for our whanau

Google classroom for Parents 2020

In order to meet the learning needs of students and families due to Covid 19.  Our school Tangaroa College is still offering access to all our students through  ‘distance learning online’.

The school is  supporting students learning by using google classroom as a digital platform to prepare learning activities that can be provided online, digitally or in hard copy form, or in a combination of these methods.

Here are some ways for whanau to support your child’s learning:
    • establishing routines and expectations
    • checking their student activities on google classroom
    • defining a space for your child to work in
    • monitoring communications from teachers
    • beginning and ending each day with a check-in
    • taking an active role in helping your children process their learning
    • encouraging physical activity and/or exercise
    • checking in with your child regularly to help them manage stress
    • monitoring how much time your child is spending online
    • set rules around their social media interactions.
  • If you require any technical support please email: Getithelp@tangaroa.school.nz

‘Noho ora mai ‘