Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) in 2019

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

BYOD stands for Bring Your Own Device. A device is a laptop, Chromebook or tablet that students use to access the internet and to create notes and documents in digital form instead of traditional pen and paper.

 The internet is a powerful tool. The internet provides almost limitless information on just about any topic. Most New Zealanders already use their devices and the internet to gather a wide range of information and to communicate with thousands of people all over the world. The New Zealand Curriculum specifically requires schools like Tangaroa to make the internet available to students as part of their learning experience.

 The role of teachers is changing from being an expert on a subject to being a guide to show students how to solve problems by using the wealth of information at their fingertips. At Tangaroa College, teachers use the Google Classroom software to manage and send out information to students, to monitor their progress and provide feedback, and to set up research activities and group work.

 BYOD will be launched in 2019 for the in-coming Year 9 Students. This means that next year, Year 9 students will be using their device in most lessons to assist with their learning. Each year, the new Year 9s will be expected to bring their device, so that by 2023, all year levels come to school with their own devices.

 In the months to come, we will post information on how to acquire a chromebook or laptop.


Yours sincerely

Martin Wright

Deputy Principal