Parent Handbook

The Parent Handbook contains information on the following: School Bell Times, 2017 Term Dates, School Map, Proposed Subjects 2017, Guidelines, Absence from school, Deans, Canteen, Careers Department, Cell Phones and other personal property, Computers, Donation, Driving to school, Health Centre, Homework, ID cards, Lateness, Leaving school during the day, Library, Lost Property/Confiscated items, Money, Newsletters, NCEA, NZQA Fees, Reports, Sports, Student Database, Telephone, Timetable and Options, Trips and Camps, Stationery Shop, Visitors to school, Uniform.

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Tangaroa College is a co-educational secondary school for students in years 9-13. Tangaroa College has a school roll of approximately 1000 students.

Each student is placed in a tutor group: a class of students in the same year level. Your child will see their tutor teacher at their daily tutor class. Once a week students attend an assembly with their tutor class. At the daily tutor class the tutor teacher will read the daily notices, check attendance and uniform and discuss any important issues or information with students.

You can contact your child’s Dean or Tutor Teacher by telephoning the school office.

At year 9 students study all their subjects with their tutor class, but will move around the school to different teachers.

At year 10 students study all their subjects with their tutor class, except two option classes.

At year 11 students study five subjects with their class and two options mixed with the other year 11 students.

At year 12 and 13 options are studied independently of tutor classes (unless it is a pathway class).

(please see the Curriculum webpage for lists of compulsory and option subjects at each year level)

The school is grouped by year level with one dean and a group of tutor teachers at each level.

Year 9 Dean: Ms Moira Ainuu Aneru
Year 10 Dean: Ms Cushla Tokoma
Year 11 Dean: Ms Sarah Davies
Year 12 Dean: Ms Bessie Tuialii
Year 13 Dean: Ms Siulepa Lauese