Year 10 Wero Trip


This year our Year 10 cohort will be working towards building confidence in various areas so that our students can be the best version of themselves. One of those areas is water confidence and working in teams.

On Tuesday 11th February and Wednesday 12th February 2020, we will be taking all our Year 10 students to Vector Wero Whitewater Park. Students in 10AM, 10CY, 10DK, 10IF will travel on Tuesday. Students in 10LU, 10MK, 10OH, 10SE will travel on Wednesday.

Our students will learn the following from this experience:
-Recognise hazards and make sensible decisions in, on and around moving water
-Students will be crossing, swimming and rafting down the river
– Work as a team
– Identify basic river features
– Identify potentially dangerous waters
– Navigate grade 2 water in a raft as part of a team
– Demonstrate individual and team crossing techniques
– Identify safe entry and exit points, including a back-out plan
– Identify potentially dangerous waters

Students will need to come in school uniform, bring swim wear, towel and lunch. There are hot showers at the venue for after their activity. Life jackets are provided for each student at the facility.
We will be leaving on bus at 9AM and return to school at 3PM. There is no cost for our students.

We highly recommend the participation of each student in this opportunity so that we build confident young people, who bring the best of themselves.

All permission slips to be returned to their Wa Akoranga Teacher.