To Our Parents & Families


Dear Parents and Families,

Thank you for the support and aroha given over the past 24 hours. Thank you also to the families and Board members who were present at our school assembly this morning.

As I said to our students today, when something happens within our family we get together and talk about this and ensure the issue or concern is being dealt with, we don’t hide away and gossip or make assumptions of what we think has happened, we don’t keep secrets or try to look for blame.

The message I communicated out yesterday afternoon to our families,  is what I reiterated to our students this morning, is to ensure we all have the same factual story. No-one was stabbed like the media has incorrectly reported, nor is it related to any incident that has happened within our community over the past few months. Those involved in the assault are being dealt with in the proper manner by the Police.

Our students who were injured in the attack are recovering well, prayers and well wishes to them and their families. We have a guidance team available for anyone who requires support. Thank you to our peripheral community groups for your co-operation. Any parent who would like to discuss something with me, please do not hesitate to phone the school.

Our main priority is to ensure the learning and well-being of our students is taken care of. It is now time for us to gather and restore normality. As a community we need to work together as we have a shared responsibility.

All communications will come from me directly via our school communication systems not the media. I have not spoken to the media nor do I intend to. I respectfully request the media, not to give the perpetrators any attention and respect the privacy of the victims and their families and our community.

Be safe over the long weekend and school will resume on Wednesday 5 June.

Waiho i te tokatu moana


Davida Suasua