Tangaroa College & Covid-19 Level 1

Welcome to Covid-19 Level One where we can all return to normal, this includes all children who are well returning to school. If your child is unwell – please keep them at home and inform the school. Absences over three days need a Medical Certificate.

We will however, still be locking the gates at 9.00am and students need to be at school by then, late comers will not be admitted and will be marked as absent. We will continue to finish school at 2.20pm until the end of the term.

Please make an appointment with the appropriate Dean if you wish to discuss this further.

Year Nine – Ms Bessie Tuialii / Mr Rob Downie
Year Ten – Mr Joseph Tua / Ms Nadeen Papalii
Year Eleven – Mr Martin Wright / Mr Chris Ashforth
Year Twelve – Mr Grant Langdon / Mrs Sarah Davies
Year Thirteen – Ms Christine Pili / Ms Marieke Brinkman