Year 10 Tough Boy Tough Girl Challenge

On Monday 18th June we took 101 year 10 students out for the day to Camp Adair in Hunua. The students completed a Obstacle Confidence course that involved getting very muddy, pushing themselves physically, emotionally and working together as a team to successfully complete each station. Overall the day was a huge success, the year 10s were fantastic. They were prepared and gave everything a go with minimal fuss. We definitely have a promising cohort coming through which is exciting for the future!
A massive thank you to all the staff throughout the school that looked after our PE department’s classes for the day. Doing your bit by helping out contributed to the success of the day and benefited the yr 10s and their learning journey.
We took a lot of photos and videos of the day and will share that soon, for now here are a few that I took.