Year 10 Tough Boy Tough Girl Challenge

On Monday 18th June we took 101 year 10 students out for the day to Camp Adair in Hunua. The students completed a Obstacle Confidence course that involved getting very muddy, pushing themselves physically, emotionally and working together as a team to successfully complete each station. Overall the day was a huge success, the year 10s were fantastic. They were prepared and gave everything a go with minimal fuss. We definitely have a promising cohort coming through which is exciting for the future!
A massive thank you to all the staff throughout the school that looked after our PE department’s classes for the day. Doing your bit by helping out contributed to the success of the day and benefited the yr 10s and their learning journey.
We took a lot of photos and videos of the day and will share that soon, for now here are a few that I took.

Techtorium Workshop

3-day Programming Workshop in Techtorium – (12 to 14 June 2018)

A group of 24 Year 13 and 1 Year 12 students went to a 3-day programming workshop at Techtorium from 12 to 14 June 2018 (Tuesday to Thursday).  The students needed to come to school before 8.15am every morning to be on the bus that had to arrive in Techtorium by nine in the morning.  They all did it!  More importantly, they were all very focused in the three-day workshop and all these 25 students have achieved 10 Level 3 credits in programming. What a great sense of achievement for every student who has taken the effort required every day in the workshop!

Two students who attended the workshop shared these comments:

Techtorium is a really fun place to learn computing. It has many courses that will benefit you if, you have a love for computing. Computing opens up a wide range of opportunities, and guarantees to take you places. Our trainer Rohan expressed excellent enthusiasm before us and his lessons are never boring. Learning about coding and programming was interesting.  It was all we needed to get thorough the course.  It was an open book assessment and we were asked to focus on understanding.  I would definitely recommend this course to everyone whether you love computing or otherwise.

Hanalei Upukatai Toi, 13SG

I found the Techtorium course to be a great learning experience and I also got to see and learn what programming can do and how I can use that to my advantage if I were to work with computers in the future or study it. Taking the assessment showed me how hard it was and the different codes that had to be used for each control. The experience though was great!

Kaylen Engu-Key, 13BR