Making a difference..

The Rise of To’a

Hardworking, talented and creative are just a few words that best describe David Riley who is one of the senior teachers at Tangaroa College.

David’s work ethic and determination to make a difference in the lives of his students, or just any young person, is actioned through his passion and love for what he does.

David is a very hardworking Drama teacher, who has not only been an inspiring and life changing teacher/mentor to the students he crosses paths with, but also to his work colleagues.

Positive feedback from Davids students is testament to the amazing work that David is producing in his class. One student mentioned the huge affect that the saying “yes” to everything and giving all activities a go rule, has had on them. This student goes on to explain that this has pushed him to step out of his comfort zone and be confident, which David believes is one important skill that we need to conquer in this thing we call ‘life’. The community has also witnessed first hand this mans hard work through the live drama performances students prepare at the end of each year.

Davids support for his past and present students are ongoing and never ending, with the constant checking in on his past students, giving them advice and being one of the first to promote their work they are doing. Give yourself a massive pat on the back David, you reap what you sow. Their success is your success too.

Writing books is a huge passion of David’s and with this comes the successful launch of his new book “Mate Ma’a Tonga”. Congratulations David. All that hard work has definitely paid off and everyone at TC, students and staff would like to congratulate you on this massive achievement.

If you want to know more about Mr David Riley’s work, here is the link to his website –

The true definition of;

“O le ala i le pule o le Tautua”

“The pathway to authority, is through service”

Malo lava David