Lockdown Level 3 Announcement

11 August 2020

Dear Parents and Families,

Our Prime Minister has announced that Auckland will be moving into Lockdown Level 3 from tomorrow (Wednesday 12 August) midday for 3 days due to cases of community transmission of Covid-19.

Our school will not be open for normal instruction however we will continue to provide supervision for students whose parents are deemed essential workers.

Students will still have an opportunity to collect devices from the office, so please ensure we have your correct contact information.

At this stage, school will reopen on Monday 17 August. Please check our website, facebook page and school portal for regular updates.

If you require further support for your child, please don’t hesitate to contact the school. I have included names of staff members that might be helpful to you.

Be Safe and take care,

Davida Suasua

Wellbeing Team Contact details

Social Workers
Julie -Anne Timu – Juliet@tangaroa.school.nz
Graham Jackson – grahamj@tangaroa.school.nz

Kara Renall – karar@tangaroa.school.nz
Emma Hannaby – Emmah@tangaroa.school.nz

Junior Deans
Year 9: Rob Downie – robd@tangaroa.school.nz
Year 10: Nadeen Papali’i – nadeenp@tangaroa.school.nz

Senior Deans
Year 11: Chris Ashforth – chrisa@tangaroa.school.nz
Year 12: Sarah Davis – sarahd@tangaroa.school.nz
Year 13: Marieke Brinkman – mariekeb@tangaroa.school.nz