Covid 19 Level 4 Extension Announcement


Dear Parents and families

The Prime Minister’s announcement this evening not to move to Level 4 Lockdown was a welcome one for most. Speaking with parents and staff over the last few days, it is clear that concern and anxiety is prevalent given that we are experiencing another major interruption to childrens’ precious schooling time.

From my own point of view, it was frustrating for the staff and I that we did not have an opportunity to send our students off properly – communicating clear expectations and outlining the support available before they headed into another Lockdown. Our teachers are currently working hard trying to engage our students online.

This won’t be the first and probably not the last time we will move into a Lockdown. So saying this, we will continue to teach online with a normal time table.

We have devices available for students, which may be collected from an off school site.  If a student requires a device, please email and leave a contact phone number, the student’s name and the name of their Wa Akoranga teacher.

We are here to help and support our students and their families the best way we can so please do not hesitate to contact us.


Wellbeing Team  Contact details 
Social Workers 

Julie -Anne Timu 

Graham Jackson


Kara Renall 

Emma Hannaby

Junior Deans

Year 9: Rob Downie 

Year 10: Nadeen Papali’i

Senior Deans 

Year 11: Chris Ashforth

Year 12: Sarah Davis

Year 13: Marieke Brinkman



Kia kaha everyone, be safe and be kind to one another.


Davida Suasua