Careers Department Update

2016 ended with a bang for our Junior Students. While participating in the Year 9 Career Exploration Day students got a taste of employment fields while rotating through 7 different work stations.

This included cutting wood for planter boxes with an enthusiastic team from MIT, mixing rainbow coloured mocktails provided by NZMA as well as having an opportunity to see the work of a hairdresser first hand in action, and even figuring out what plumbers’ tasks are.

Students made stressballs out of balloons and flour and had fun throwing them away at the nearby sports field. Doug the digger allowed students to find our about road work and the University of Auckland ran a motivational session involving paper planes.

Senior Student Leaders have shown their outstanding leadership skills by taking care of our Year 9 teams. Thank you to everyone who has participated and contributed to this event and in particular to Ms. Siulepa Lauese and her amazing Senior Student Leaders team!