TC Alumni: Ilaisaane Green (nee Vaipulu)

Hey guys do you remember Saane Vaipulu? She’s Saane Green now and graduated with a degree in Acting last year. Saane’s performing in a show called Wild Dogs which will be at Q Theatre in the first week of March. If you want to go see the show let me know because I have a discount code for tickets. The discount ends on Friday at 5pm. Here’s info about the show:

Atua Tabloids Day

Please do not forget to wear full school tomorrow (Friday 15 February) for the Atua Tabloids Day. Bring a change of clothing (preferably in your house colour), a hat, water bottle and lunch. No bandana’s. Thank you.


  • Tanemahuta (Orange) 
  • Tawhirimatea (Yellow)
  • Tumatauenga (Purple)
  • Haumiatiketike (Blue)
  • Rongomatane (Green)
  • Ruaumoko (Red)


An introduction to the new Atua (House System) entailed a trip to Wharekawa Marae, Kaiaua for the whole school over the course of 3 days. Here are a few highlights.