Careers Department Update

2016 ended with a bang for our Junior Students. While participating in the Year 9 Career Exploration Day students got a taste of employment fields while rotating through 7 different work stations.

Alumni Success – Kitty Opetaia

It is important that our community acknowledge all  success stories of Tangaroa College – past and present. If you are aware of any other achievements – sport, academic etc please email Any photos will be much appreciated.


The Education Review Office reviewed our school in 2016 and their report recognises the ‘good systems for improving educational outcomes for students particularly at the senior levels of the school.’  (Ero Report 28.11.16).

Our 2016 ERO report highly recommended that we   apply these ‘good systems’ within the junior curriculum teaching and learning.  According to the New Zealand curriculum (NZC) document, effective assessment    benefits students by clarifying for them “what they know they can do and what they still need to do.”  Solo Taxonomy (Structure of Observed Learning Outcomes) provides a simple, reliable and robust model for three levels of understanding – surface, deep and conceptual (Biggs and Collis 1982).  This simply means that students will be able to recognise and explain, where they are at and where they need to be.  Students in years 9 and 10, should be at level 6 of the NZC by the time they reach year 11.  Below is a diagram which explains how SOLO taxonomy is linked to the NZC and the National Certificate of Educational Achievement (NCEA).   

In 2017 Tangaroa College will use SOLO taxonomy in the junior school across all learning areas to help students articulate their learning and their next steps.  The systems we use in the senior school will also be applied in the junior school as of 2017
· a common date for all teachers to enter junior grades into the markbook
· regular monitoring and tracking of student progress through the term (linked to a common assessment)
· use of critical thinking tools (solo taxonomy), as well as other tools, to help students ‘learn to learn’.   

What do you know about SOLO? 
To see a very short and straightforward clip on SOLO TAXONOMY. or      

For more information about our junior curriculum please email me at   
Imeleta Faumuina


Senior Academic Success 2016

We are very pleased share our academic successes with our community. The results shown below reflect the enormous amount of work by both students and staff. These participation based results exceed the national average for our type of school, and put us into the upper middle of all secondary schools in New Zealand.
Year 11:          81.1% Passed
Year 12:          82.6%
Year 13:          89.1%
University Entrance: 34.5%

The following students received Merit or Excellence Endorsements.

Level 1

  • Maryum Ameen Akhundzada – Excellence
  • Ngareta Latu – Excellence
  • Etiano Ah-Siu – Merit
  • Ionatana Peafua – Merit
  • Zanitha Tusini-Rex – Merit
  • Angel Faumuina – Merit
  • Mele Muli – Merit
  • Jonah Levi Leota – Merit
  • Ane Aneti Sofia Kauhalaniua – Merit


Level 2

  • Valdina Fealoai Togafau Loli – Excellence
  • Opeti Tuitu’u – Merit
  • Binary Blakelock – Merit
  • Ethan Green – Merit
  • Laura Green – Merit
  • Falesefulu Lemauai – Merit
  • Raymond Une – Merit
  • Tipesamarianne Taafi – Merit
  • Seini Taufa – Merit
  • Christian Tam Yam – Merit
  • Gloria Wilson – Merit
  • Deborah Nuualiitia – Merit
  • Petiola Bolkeim – Merit
  • Fletcher Tam Yam – Merit
  • Siu Evaimalo – Merit


Level 3

  • Joseph Mattocks – Excellence
  • Sisilia Fakalata – Excellence
  • Marlon Terrace – Merit
  • Monisha Naicker – Merit
  • Marie Mapa – Merit
  • Susana Vaifo’Ou – Merit
  • Raeven Ruka-Akehurst – Merit
  • Paerangi Yvette Takaiti – Merit
  • Michelle Ellis – Merit
  • Candella Tipasa – Merit
  • Laryia Faiaia Lomitusi – Merit


Scholarship Results:  Julieanne Puai in Samoan

Grant Langdon

DEANS 2017

  • Siulepa Lauese (Year 13)
  • Bessie Tuialii (Year 12)
  • Cushla Tokoma (Year 10)
  • Moira Ainuu Aneru (Year 9)
  • Sarah Davies (Year 11)

Senior Leadership Team 2017

  • Joseph Tua (Acting Deputy Principal)
  • Christine Pili (Associate Principal)
  • Imeleta Faumuina (Acting Deputy Principal)
  • Davida White (Acting Principal)
  • Grant Langdon (Acting Deputy Principal)


Welcome back

Welcome back everyone and welcome to the new staff and students to Tangaroa College.

As I reflect back on 2016 we as a school community have accomplished a great deal and there is so much to be proud of. I truly believe that our accomplishments were made based on three very important elements: Staff, students and our families. The commitment and dedication of our staff to work tirelessly for our students is what makes us, Tangaroa College, a fantastic school. The second element of course are our students, who are striving to make a difference in their lives, who are trying extremely hard to make their families and Tangaroa College very proud of their accomplishments. Lastly the support system at homes. They continue to encourage students to be punctual and are supportive of the schools requests. I am honoured to be able to be a part of such a fantastic school community.

I am very excited about the upcoming year, with the new staffing changes that have and are occurring I know we will remain ‘Steadfast like a rock in the ocean’ waiho i te toka tu moana.

2017 began with well wishes for Deputy Principal Julie Debreceny as she accepted a position at Western Springs College. I know Tangaroa College will remain a big part of her life.

We said good-bye to Moana Papa who sadly passed away on the 1st February, 2017. Kua hinga te totara i te wao nui a Tane – The totara has fallen in the forest of Tane. Moana worked for the Tangaroa College from 1997 to 2005 in the Careers Department as well as managing Community Education programmes. She was such a humble and passionate person, Moana encouraged and inspired our  staff, students and families to achieve their dreams. I was filled with immense honour when our school performed our haka before Moana departed for her final resting place. It is moments like these, although sad, that brings our community together, and gives us strength and pride. Aroha mai.

With such two major events occurring for us as a school, our students have arrived to school ready to learn and    eager to achieve, teachers are currently working with your child on their future pathway and careers to ensure their subjects align with their aspirations. Please mums, dads, caregivers, grandparents, aunties and uncles ask your    children about their Individual learning Plans. There is a saying it takes a village to raise a child, so if we are able to work together we can achieve better things.

Our doors are always open to discuss your child’s learning.

Nga Mihi Nui

Davida White

Acting Principal